OP Billing

On approaching the OPD reception on the first or second floor, you will be asked whether you are a cash or insurance patient. If you are a cash patient you have to pay a one time registration and consultation fee. Once payment is made you will be taken to the concerned specialist. If the doctor has requested for any investigation you will be asked to make the payment and then our staff would escort you to the concerned diagnostic unit if required.

If you are an insurance patient, you will be asked to show your insurance card. You will then be asked to sign the claim form and as per your entitlement, you have to pay for any deductible or co payment if applicable. You will be registered as an insurance patient and all your future treatment will be recorded on the allotted number. We do not charge any registration fees for insurance patients. After consulting the specialist, if he/she orders for any investigation, we will check your entitlement and if required, we will approach the insurance company for pre-authorization. We will then raise a credit bill to the insurance company after issuing a receipt to you for the co- payment paid and you will be escorted to the concerned diagnostic unit by our staff.

IP Billing

Our inpatient billing caters to all cash or major insurance companies with whom we have a tie up. You will be taken to the admission department on the second floor where our executive will counsel you for the cost of the treatment and the packages available. If you are a cash patient you will be asked to deposit an amount for covering the total cost of the treatment. If you are an insurance patient we will take the necessary approval from the insurance company and then proceed with the admission process. During the course of your stay in the hospital you will be updated with periodic interim bills reflecting the cost incurred till date.

At the time of discharge you will receive a final bill with a break up showing the total cost of the treatment. Balance amount if any has to be paid or any excess deposit will be immediately refunded.

  • Price List - You may refer to our website for the price list in brief and for all detailed enquiries please contact our reception.
  • Mode of Payment -We accept all major currencies and credit cards. Cheques are not accepted.

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