Caesarian Section



Note: the cost of medicines, consumables will cost a minimum of 2000 AED baby's bill may reach a minimum of 2000 AED

Package Includes :

  • 3 Days Room rent
  • OT charges
  • Surgeon's Fees

Package Excludes :

1.Room Rent, beyond 3 days will be charged extra.
2.Medicines and Consumables would be charged extra.
3.Consultant charges for Non -gyne will be charged extra.
4.If the baby is shifted to NICU / Nursery for medical reasons it will be charged separately
5.Blood Cross matching and transfusion to be charged extra
6.Vaccination, neonatal screening test and medicine for the baby to be charged separately

  • For twin delivery 50% of the package will be charged extra
  • Circumcision, if done within 3 months, would cost AED 1500 and is to be charged separately

Neonatal hearing test 400 AED
Neonatal screening test 400 AED

  • parents' passport copies and marriage certificate are required for the birth notification
  • please note that babys bill is charged separately . Rooms are subject to availability.
  • leaving before the completion of the package does not entitle the patient to a discount
  • visiting hours: 11:00 am -1:00 pm 6: 30pm - 9:00 pm
  • late registration will incur additional cost
  • prices subject to change

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