Doctors /Neurology

Dr. Khalid Al Saffar

MbChb, MD, CABM. Board, MAAN, Dip Internal Medicine

Specialist Neurologist

  • 2009- till date: Specialist Neurologist in both Belhoul Speciality Hospital and Belhoul European Hospital.
  • 2006-2009: Specialist Neurologist and the head of Department of the medical specialties in a private hospital, Dubai.
  • 2003-2006: Assistant Professor in Faculty of Medicine, Neurology department, Medical College, Baghdad University.
  • 2002-2003: Lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine, Neurology Department, Medical College, Baghdad University.
  • 2000-2002: Consultant Neurologist and the head of Multiple Sclerosis Clinic, in Baghdad Teaching Hospital.
  • 2000-2002: Supervisor of post graduate neurology candidates in the Iraqi commission of Medical specialties.
  • 1995-2000: Specialist neurologist in Baghdad Teaching Hospital, the main Teaching hospital of Medical College, Baghdad University.
  • 1993-1995: Specialist Neurologist in Hamad Shihab Teaching Hospital in Baghdad.
  • 1992-1993: Appointed as specialist Internist and Neurologist in Diwanya Hospital in Al Qadissya governorate in Iraq.
  • 1988-1992: Candidate of Arab Board of Medicine, qualified ranked as first grade student among 22 candidates who passed the exam out of 55 ones.
  • 1983-1986: Registrar in the ward of Neurology in Al Rasheed Teaching Hospital in Baghdad.
  • 1981-1983: General Practitioner in the country side in Governorate of Diala.
  • 1981: Residency in Al Rasheed Teaching Hospital in Baghdad.


Investigations of all types of Neurological aliments, Treatment of Central & Peripheral nervous system disorders, Muscle & Neuromuscular diseases, Movement disorder & Parkinson’s disease, CNS infections & Cerebro – Vasculer diseases, Sleep disorders, Epilepsy & Convulsive disorders, Headache & Neurogenic Pain management etc.

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