Doctors /Vascular Surgery

Dr. Samir Issa

MD, General Surgery &Vascular Surgery (France)

Consultant Vascular Surgeon

  • Certified in General Surgery
  • Certified in Vascular Surgery
  • Certified in Endo Vascular Surgery
  • Certified in Organ Transplant Surgery
  • Masters in Human Biology and Anatomy

Member of teaching staff in Canada (University of Alberta - Edmonton, University of Aleppo - Syria, and AlFaisal Univeristy, Riyadh - Saudi Arabia). Associate Professor of Surgery and Anatomy.

Licensed in the USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Dubai. Has several significant key publications in organ transplantation and vascular surgery.

Practiced as Consultant of Vascular Surgery for the last several years in major hospitals of Saudi Arabia where he performed a large number of Varicose Veins Treatments and operative vascular surgery procedures. 

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