Emergency Services

healthcare-checkup-in-dubaiOur Emergency Department is committed to promoting the safety and well being of citizens. As the front-line of our emergency health care system play a critical role in the provision of emergency care and treatment of a patient's medical condition or traumatic injuries. Belhoul Speciality Hospital experiences over 22,000 emergency responses a year. 

The Emergency Department deals with all kinds of surgical and medical cases from minor to critical ill patients. It receives head and spine injuries, CVAs, acute abdomen, Biliary and renal lesions, pediatric emergencies, syncopal attacks, Epilepsy, Bronchial asthma, critical chest lesions, Acute Myocardial infarctions, Unstable angina, Arrhythmias, and all other cardiac problems. 

It is connected with excellent CATH- LAB for coronary angiographies and PTCA and receiving the post CATH- LAB patients.The Department is equipped with state of art equipment like Datex Ohmeda Cardiac bedside and central Monitors, Fresenius infusion Pumps, Life Pak- 20 Defibrillators, Philips ECG machines, and Siemens Servo 300 ventilators, insertion of permanent and temporary pacemakers. It is connected to 1.5 tesller MRI, spiral CT scan and Radiology machines with three operative theaters for surgical emergencies. 

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