First Medical Shop

healthcare-checkup-in-dubaiWouldn't it be nice to find all your healthcare and medical necessities in one place instead of driving to different places and still not be able to find your exact requirements? 

First Medical Shop is another example of the uncompromising commitment of Belhoul Group to the community to offer a one-stop shopping experience for all healthcare requirements. 

FMS is committed to meet and exceed the ever changing needs of customers' healthcare requirements with high quality products and services and is the best place to shop for health and beauty.

The First Medical Shop offers the wider range of products that a customer is looking for to feel better and healthy. 

First Medical Shop incorporates the concept of shop 'n shop from various retailers such as opticians, gift shops, baby and mother garments, flower shops etc.

The range of products to improve the health of every individual includes the following. 

Blood pressure monitors, glucometers for diabetics, nebulizers for asthmatics, eye glasses, medical pillows for those with back and neck pain, wheelchairs for the handicapped, to nutritional supplements, dental hygiene products, medical footwear, air fresheners, natural cosmetic products and many more items which you may need for a member of your family. 

Baby clothes, chocolates, greeting cards, books and flowers are also available in case you are visiting a patient and would like to buy a gift. We work hard to please our customers with prompt and courteous service.  

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