Intensive Care Unit

private-hospitals-in-dubaiRecognizing that seriously ill patients deserve nothing less than impeccable pre and post-operative care, the instituted intensive care standards at Belhoul Speciality that are undeniably the best the medical world has to offer. This applies to our technology, therapeutic facilities and personnel, all of which conform to the specific needs of patients treated in each unit. 

Ours is a comprehensive and multi-system critical care unit, with a doctor immediately available at all times. A high nurse-patient ratio of 1:1 or greater, depending on the patient's condition ensures minute observation and attention at all times. Also, measurement and derivation of all necessary invasive and non-invasive monitoring are routine.

The ICUs at Belhoul Speciality Hospital are:

  • Medical Intensive Care Unit
  • Surgical Intensive Care Unit
  • Cardiac Intensive Care Unit.

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