healthcare-providersA professionally managed unit, the Department of Nephrology in Belhoul Speciality Hospital is staffed by a distinguished team of skilled, dedicated doctors and paramedics. Patients who have chronic renal failure are counselled on the options of haemodialysis, continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) and renal transplantation. The team includes competent and qualified doctors with experience in vascular access procedures such as jugular vein catheterization and arterio venous fistula for haemodialysis and insertion of peritoneal Catheters for CAPD. Haemodialysis is supervised by a full time nephrologists ensuring the highest quality of dialysis. International guidelines on haemodialysis are followed.

Automated kidney biopsy are performed safely under ultrasound guidance to diagnose kidney diseases. Special Nephrology counselling is available for diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, which can lead to a permanent loss of renal function. Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring facility is available to diagnose and monitor hypertension.

The Nephrology team is especially trained in managing patients after renal transplant, hence such patients can be followed up regularly. The critically ill are assured of careful attention in the intensive care units by our Nephrology team where facilities such as CVVHDF are provided. Outpatient appointments are available daily.

Services offered are:

  • Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD)
  • Continuous Cycler assisted Peritoneal Dialysis (CCPD)
  • Continuous Veno Venous Haemodiafiltration (CVVHDF)
  • Continuous Veno Venous Hemodialysis (CVVHD)
  • Plasmapherasis.
  • Hemoperfusion.
  • Automated Renal Biopsy (under Ultrasound guidance)
  • Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring

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