healthcare-providersThe department of Neurology in Belhoul Speciality Hospital is well equipped to meet the demands of patients, both adult and children with all types of neurological aliments. It provides facilities for comprehensive clinical assessment, investigations, diagnosis and treatment.

The department is handled by a well-trained Neurologist with vast clinical experience in both academic institutions and private hospitals.

The main thrust of this department is in managing critically ill patients with multi system involvement and also patients with brain attacks (stroke). The department is well supported by Intensive Care Specialists, Neuro-radiology and Neuro-rehabilitation including physiotherapy and speech therapy. The investigatory facilities available are EEG, EMG, Evoked Potential Studies, Vascular Doppler Studies, CT, MRI and Angiography. A sleep Lab will be started soon. The department is also providing plasma pheresis for neuro-immunological disorders and t-PA treatment for stroke. Facilities are available for counselling by a Psychologist.

This Department is part of the division of Neurosciences comprising of Neurosurgery, Neurophysiology, Neuro-radiology and Neuro-spinal Rehabilitation. Hence it provides quick and efficient care for the needy patients with all nervous system disorders in various age groups under one roof.

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