Nutrition & Lifestyle

healthcare-providersThe Nutrition & Lifestyle Department at BSH works to improve the health and well being of all UAE residents by providing and promoting dietary guidance that links to the nutritional needs. We help to define and coordinate nutrition and translate nutrition into information and materials for all consumers.

Our department ensures access to nutritious, healthy diet and encourages consumers to make healthy food choices with proper life style changes. We provide everyone with knowledge of the link between diet and health by providing dietary guidance, and thus give overall help to compute the Healthy Eating Index.

  • To measure the quality of the diet.
  • Provide an overall picture of the type and quality of foods.
  • Requirement of adequate calories with specific dietary recommendations to provide variety in their diet.
  • Help themselves to select from the recommendations of the five major Food Groups of the Food Guide Pyramid -Grains, vegetables, fruits, milk, (yoghurt, cheese, milk) and meat (meat, peanut poultry, fish, dry beans, egg and nuts).

Our services are extended to the following also.

  • Catering to the individual nutritional requirement based on the therapeutic needs of the inpatients, according to their own taste, which suits their culture and religion.
  • Inpatient and out patient nutritional screening and counselling.
  • Counselling the clients to undergo various health check up programmes which cater to the individual needs such as Basic health check, Executive health check, Heart check, Whole body check, Paediatric check, etc.

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