Radio Diagnosis & Imaging Services

advanced-healthcareThe Department of Radio Diagnosis & Imaging Services provides a comprehensive gamut of the latest imaging equipment and the expertise of a Radiologist with vast experience in the field. All imaging services are available, conveniently under one roof. 

Our Radiologists are pleasant, caring and handle patients with warmth and compassion. They make sure to alleviate all fears/ phobias and patient comfort is of prime importance to them.

Our services include:

Ultrasound (Logiq 7 GE with 3.5 MHz, high frequency and endo-cavitatory probes) 

  • Abdominal Scan
  • Obstetrical Scan
  • Gynaecological Scan
  • Small part Scan

Colour Doppler (Logiq 7 GE)

  • Arterial Peripheral Doppler
  • Venous Peripheral Doppler
  • Renal Doppler

Mammography (Instumentarium Alpha RT)

  • Routine mammography screening.
  • Coned mammography
  • Biopsies

Shimadzu (Sonialvision 80)

  • Digital Fluoroscopy for barium examination, IVP, Urethrography, 
    Hysterosalpingography etc.
  • Conventional radiography

MRI (Siemens Symphony 1.5 Tesla)

  • Neurological imaging
  • MR Angiographies
  • Musculoskeletal
  • MRCP

Bone Densitometer (Hologic Elite QDR 4500)

  • For post menopausal osteoporosis
  • For senile osteoporosis
  • For hormonal dependent causes of osteoporosis.

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